Is your asthma treatment working? Is your asthma under control? Take the asthma control challenge to find out. Read each question, click on the appropriate response, and click SUBMIT when you're finished.

Based on your responses, you will receive an assessment of how well your asthma is controlled. Be sure to print off a copy of your "Asthma Control Challenge" and keep a copy of it so you can refer to it if you need to. And, if you need to speak to your doctor, take your copy of the "Asthma Control Challenge" with you to your doctor's appointment.

  Yes No Don't know
1. I experience asthma symptoms 4 or more days per week.
2. I wake up with asthma symptoms during the night one or more night(s) per week.
3. My asthma stops me from doing certain physical activities.
4. I get asthma flare-ups or my asthma gets worse from time to time.
5. I've recently had to miss work or school because of my asthma.
6. I take my "reliever" medication (which may come as a separate inhaler or together with the controller medication in a single inhaler) 4 or more times per week; not including one puff per day before exercise.
7. My PEF (peak expiratory flow) is less than 90% of my personal best.
8. In the last year, I've gone to the emergency room or made an unscheduled doctor's visit because of my asthma symptoms.
9. I know what to do if I get a cold or a respiratory tract infection.
10. My asthma gets worse at certain times of the year (e.g., allergy season, in cold weather).