Acne: Doctor Discussion Guide

Acne is a skin disorder that often leads to emotional distress and permanent physical scarring. Scarring can affect up to 95% of people with acne. Early and effective management of acne, which includes breakout prevention, may help to minimize the chances of scarring.

There are many effective topical (applied to the skin) acne treatments available, and your doctor can help choose and optimize an acne treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

The following Doctor Discussion Guide will help you to engage with your doctor to find the best management strategies for your acne. Answer the questions and then print your results or save them onto your mobile device to show to your doctor at your next appointment.

Section 1 – About my acne

Describing your acne can provide useful information that your doctor can use to help select a topical treatment that is right for you.

I have acne on my (choose all that apply):

My acne looks like (choose all that apply):

Section 2 – My current treatment

The following information will help your doctor to track your current and previous treatments.

I am currently using or have used these topical medications:

Prescription – Combination products:

Prescription – Single-ingredient products:

Non-prescription products

Section 3 – My concerns regarding my current acne treatment:

Please check off any concerns that are relevant to you and your acne treatment. If you have further concerns that are not listed here, please specify them under "Other."

My questions about my current treatment

If you're not sure if your current treatment is right for you, your doctor can work with you to come up with a plan on what to do next. Please select all the questions you'd like to ask your doctor:

My questions about treatment side effects

If you're experiencing side effects from your acne treatment, your doctor can work with you on what to do next. Please select all the questions you'd like to ask your doctor:

Section 4 – Treatment preferences and questions

This section explores your treatment preferences and questions, and may be helpful in coming up with a comprehensive treatment plan that's right for you. Please select all that apply.

What is important to me in choosing an acne treatment:

Questions I have about my treatment:

Questions I have about my overall acne management plan:

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