Low Testosterone: Doctor Discussion Guide

This Doctor Discussion Guide will help you talk to your doctor about choosing a testosterone replacement therapy that's tailored to you. Answer the questions and then use the button at the bottom of the screen to print your results so you can share them with your doctor. Alternatively, you can show your results on your mobile device during your visit to the doctor's office.

My signs and symptoms:

To start off, it's important to tell your doctor about your symptoms. Please answer as honestly as you can.

I've been experiencing:

I've had these symptoms for:

My questions about low testosterone:

Check off any questions you want to discuss with your doctor about low testosterone.

I want to know:

My preferences when it comes to my testosterone replacement therapy:

Next, check off any concerns and preferences that you may have about potential testosterone replacement therapy in order to narrow down the choices. If you have a concern not listed here, add it under "other."

I am concerned about treatments that:

I prefer a treatment that:

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