Use this tool to find out the calories and nutritional value in various foods and/or meals.

Step 1 (optional): Create a food diary

The Daily Nutrition Diary will allow you to keep track of your daily meals and snacks. Use this tool to see if you are getting your recommended daily servings for each food group. Enter the meals and snacks from your diary into our online Meal Planner (see Step 2) to determine their nutritional value.

Step 2: Search for a food

You can search by entering a food in the search box or by displaying a food category.

Step 3: Enter the quantity

Once you have found the food you are looking for, enter the number of portions in the box provided.

Step 4: Display nutritional information/ Add to meal

After you have entered the number of portions, you can display the nutritional information for that food or add it to a meal.

If you are creating a meal, you can see the foods you have selected as well as the total calories for your meal. You can also access the nutritional details for each meal you create.

This online tool uses data from the Canadian Nutrient File (Department of Health, Canada) and from Canada's Food Guide.
Conditions of Use