Have you ever thought about how long will you live? Try our Life Expectancy Calculator to find out an estimate.

There are many factors that affect life expectancy. Some of these such as family history are not under your control, while others such as nutrition, exercise, and smoking habits are under your control. See how your lifestyle affects you by answering the Life Expectancy Calculator questions.

3    Do you live in an area with lots of pollution?
4    Do you have more than one relative (a grandparent, parent, aunt, or uncle) who lived at least 90 years in good health?
5    Do you have a parent, brother or sister under 50 who has (or had) cancer or a heart condition, or has had diabetes since childhood?
6    Do you live alone?
7    Are you overweight?
Weight or   .
Height or   .
8    Do you eat more than 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day?
9    Do you eat processed or fast food regularly?
10 How often do you exercise vigorously for at least 30 minutes (tennis, running, swimming, etc.)?
11    How much do you drink?

12    Which of the following describes you the best?

13    Which of the following describes your driving record the best?

14    Do you smoke?

15    Do you have an annual medical checkup (that includes, for women, a gynecological exam) once a year?