One of the most important parts of allergy management is to avoid allergens, the substances that cause the allergic reaction. Click on the following sections to find out how to reduce the number of potential allergens in your home.

Allergy proofing your bedroom

  • Wash bedding on a weekly basis in water that is at least 54.5° C (130° F)
  • Use a cover for the bed mattress, box spring that is allergy resistant (does not allow allergens through material)
  • Use pillow cases that are allergy resistant
  • Remove stuffed toys from bedroom
  • Remove carpets from bedroom
  • Use shades instead of blinds or curtains to cover windows
  • Minimize amount of upholstered furniture in bedroom
  • Keep fur bearing pets out of bedroom
  • Keep windows closed and air conditioning with filter on during pollen season
  • Keep room vacuumed, and surfaces cleaned and free of dust
  • Use a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) cleaner to remove allergens from the air

Allergy proofing your bathroom

  • Make sure bathroom is vented and/or has windows to allow for escape of humidity
  • Keep damp areas clean to prevent mould growth
  • Fix any plumbing problems as soon as possible to avoid water damage
  • Use a cleaning solution that contains 5% bleach to clean the tub and shower area and any other places that mould and mildew grows.

Allergy proofing your basement

  • Check for damp areas and clean regularly to prevent mould build-up
  • Use a cleaning solution that contains 5% bleach to clean any areas where mould and mildew might grow
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep basement dry. Empty the water regularly.

Allergy proofing your whole house

  • Keep humidity below 50% if possible
  • Keep carpeting to a minimum. Use carpet with low pile
  • Keep windows and doors closed during pollen season
  • Keep surfaces clean and free from dust
  • Make sure dryer is vented
  • Keep amount of upholstered furniture to a minimum
  • Install an air cleaner in the house
  • Use an air conditioning system with a filter
  • Use shades instead of blinds throughout the house
  • Limit clutter and knick-knacks that collect dust
  • Exhaust fans should be used when cooking to remove humidity
  • Do not allow smoking in the house